Bread with water, and friends with out enemys


Jah gives us all may gifts. From the rising of the sun to the air that we breath. It is Jah's will for us to embrace these gifts. When at his feet he speaks and tells us, "Share thy water and they bread. Be thankful for all I give." I think it is not existential to pray before every meal, snack, or drink you take, but i think it is important that we Praise Jah for all these little gifts. Weather aloud or not all of man kind can pay its respects is some way or another. I tend to think about this when ever I consume any food or drink.

In addition to the previous, When we share our sustenance with people, we are also sharing Jahs gifts with the world :) And as the world is a gift from Jah let us share it in peace

". . . A truly good man has no enemies, but all the friends of this world." Selah and peace be with you.


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