Big Debate on Racism


This episode of The Big Debate on Racism which aired in February 2014 deals with the current racial tension in South Africa. With a member from Red October pointing to the fact that White poverty doesn't seem to be an issue on the agenda, the conversation turns to how much hasn't changed for the natives. Some "coloureds" in the audience are more concerned with how the "rainbow" nation deals with the legacy of its history through a zebra (black and white) lens, defeating the whole purpose of the "rainbow" ideology.

One of the panelists points out how the focus should transcend race, as the biggest challenge is class. She emphasises that people are poor, and most poor people are Blacks. Some audience members propose a reintroduction of apartheid, while some walk out of the conversation. The younger members of the audience make it a point to express a generation divide in attitudes.


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