Hello! Been raised in the US all  my life. I'm 21 now. I got this dream of living country side with my brothers and sisters. All of us living as we please. Building up Africa. But this dream has just come withing several months. I'm just looking to Ras Tafari for a little over a year but it's like I've been feeling this way all my life? Then i had just got in the habit of  getting myself all down and out, and now it's still a bad habit to break. My lifestyle that if grown so accustomed to is now one I'm ready to move forward from. I started this post because I'm at a point in life where I just don't know what to do? Ha! I'm not not even to down about it but I just want to work and build a foundation for myself. I just don't know how to where I am rather then to join into a rat race. But now I don't know how much you all could help since you don't know my every detail and I didn't state them. So I hope this message just shows that all you I and I are being thought about and I would come to you if I thought you could help! Much love to you all

Iniko Ujaama:
One start may be for informing yourself about the movement(Rastafari) and its origins.


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