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Race..so now what?

Taken from a reasoning on Rastafari Speaks Message Board
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Posted By: ras adam simeon
Date: Wednesday, 9 June 2004, at 10:41 p.m.
In Response To: Re: Again Elder !!! (Ras Marcus)

Baba Marcus wrote: "..They cannot expect to come to our villages, and influence our sons and daughters to go to bed with them, which will eventually make them a part of our villages..."

Elder, this part strikes me as an anti-race mixing vibe. I think interacial relationships are a great tool to break down racism. I think it helps every generation if say, people had grandkids of a diff race and they loved them, it may open their eyes to how ignorant they were raised. I think every generation get a lil better at racism and that mixed families will help that. I went to a synogouge(sp) once and the rabbi was up there talking about how serious it was not marrying out of the race etc and it reminded me of some hitler racial purity vibes. People should be free to love who who they love, no matter race creed or class. my opinion. respectfully in one perfect love.

ras a (*geting on my asbestos suit for the flame throwing to follow)

Posted by Ras Adam Simeon
June 12, 2004

Race a euro construct to classify and, as you said, used as a basis for superiorty arguments and oppression. This is the history a history which continues to the present day. so now what do we(humanity) do? Race may be a false fabrication but we are all still suffering the effects of its hypnosis.

Does these scholors recognition of the fact that race was a fabrication mean they are erasing history?

Does this recognition mean they are saying race doesnt exist so we are all one big happy family; no more worries mate ,lets all hold hands?

I don't think that was their point.I think recognizing the root of the problem is the 1st peel of a deep onion skin of gobshite that will prob take many generations + moons to get through.

Does their admission of the root of the problem mean they feel obsolved from repartions? I dont think so. The jewish people were compensated with billions going to the stolen israeli state for their holocaust, the japanese were paid for their internment in WW2 camps, Yet the Afrikan holocaust is still being swept under the rug and its a huge elephant in our collective living room no one seems to want to talk about.

Where do we(humanity) go from here?

when you get slapped there is a natural reaction to slap back.

When people hate you its a normal reaction to hate back.

when historically people said "black boy if you hold that white girls hand were gonna lynch you." i can see a reaction being white boy stay away from our black women.

tit for tat

i can see the grand dragon of the KKK saying blacks are the devil and the reaction being elijah mohammed saying whites are the devil.

i get the reaction. its our nature.

but where does that get us. eye for an eye blind as gandhi said.

robert raskind, a white anmerican, is down in jamaica tell the people of the land to forgive whitey for the past so the healing can begin. i guess he figures the apology reparing is not going to be coming any time soon and so let jamaicans be the bigger person and say i forgive you and tsrat the healing to move on .

I think thats balls. i have to say when ras howard sent me this info i was pretty shocked. I dont know what to say about this. i think its very easy to say all is forgiven, but when you look at how f'd up JA is from years of colonial cane banana plantation bauxite land raping slavery its hard for me to see it.

so where do we go now? whats next?

i dont have the answer. i am just dialoging.


why would i posts about race mixing and post about race being a made up construct??

because despite race being a construct, it exisits because we are all still under its spell its hypnosis. it is real because we perpetuate its lies. because we have race check boxes on applications it is an unfortunate reality. i am now white like a piece of paper but i am called white and right or wrong thats societys way right now. so to that i say anyone free to mix and mingle with whomever absolutley. humanity loving humanity. beautiful. and if you have adopted your oppressors policiies of bigotry segregation seperation superiority. sorry for you. I understand why we have these reactions reflexes, but hopefully we can elevate and forward humanity one day. p.s. there's no S on my 1st name. ADAM. ras adam simeon

Posted by Ras Tyehimba

Ras Adam wrote: "i can see the grand dragon of the KKK saying blacks are the devil and the reaction being elijah mohammed saying whites are the devil."

Blacks who liken whites to the devil are not doing so because the KKK called blacks the devil.They are not reacting to what someone say. They are more doing so because they have felt, physically, emotionally and psychologically, the effects of more than 500 hundred years of devious White domination.

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