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Genocide can help break down racism?

Taken from a reasoning on Rastafari Speaks Message Board
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" interacial relationships are a great tool to break down racism"

Well i have seen it in several families around me racist grandparents loving their mulatto grandkids and getting over some past prejudices and forwarding their worldview beyond what misconceptions their parents taught them. and i assume this happens alot all over. although i know on the flipside some parents who disown their kids when they bring home mates of a diff race or religion. and i know some who hide their relationships to maintain ties with their parents. But i think its hard to hate when its your own blood family you are railing against. so again i think its helps knock down rasicm. and as sis menen I said we are all pretty mixed right now and getting more mixed every day so this cant help but help break down some racial bigotry and prejudice. a

- Ras Adam Simeon, June 14, 2004

By Ayinde
June 15, 2004

The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group

The Rastafari Movement is political, cultural and Black African focused.

Is that what some mean when they say Rastafari is a new breed of people? Is the motivation here to end the Black race? Surely they are not selling this 'mix and get along' idea to those at the head of the capitalist system. Try telling those like Bill Gates that they should marry and share their wealth with the poor fat Bantu woman in Africa to help break down racism.

These are the kind of views that are held close by some or even many Whites when they get into Black Movements. Their mission is to destroy Blacks racially, politically and culturally as well as change the objectives of the movement.

So I make no apologies for having extreme caution when dealing with many people, especially Whites in a Black Movement. Many just do not get it, and want to be spokespeople for Black causes.

It is quite easy for anyone to shout 'Haile Selassie' and 'Rastafari' all the time, while holding tight to his image. Many don't get that different people interpret these symbols differently. So Haile Selassie for some lighter ones can easily be the symbol of covertly encouraging Blacks to race-mix so that they (Whites) can get off the hook, by doing away with Blacks. The easiest thing to do is to copy the symbols and use them against the very Blacks they were supposed to uplift (not eradicate).

I am sure that their are many other 'White Rastafarians' who hold these genocidal ideas (they may honestly not see it as genocide) while dealing with Blacks in this movement. I mean if one who has been around so long could so casually let it out then I am sure that there are many others.

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