Bantu Kelani

Our African Culture Lies Beyond Terminologies

by Bantu Kelani
December 09, 2003

No matter the terminology we use to identify ourselves whether it be Blacks, Negroes, Negroids, Africans, Afros, Dalits, Untouchables, Aboriginals, Ethiopoids or Congoids we will still face the reality of color and race exploitation and oppression that does justice to the politics of white people in this world. The truth of the matter is we are just a bunch of niggers in their eyes anyway. It is therefore more important we find out about whom we really are regardless of any race or ethnic terminology we or other people use to describe us. Identity and ancestry is only lost when we don't remember our history and culture. A true and profound African is one who remembers his or her heritage and what that represents. It is one who keeps its indigenous identity and defends it no matter what.

Our Independence and true sense of Identity don't depend on whichever ethnic nametag we choose for ourselves. Our pride and autonomy is knowing who we are and being proud of it that guide us to Truth then forces us to convictions and action. Many insults and injustices that go on against our privileges and culture we know about. Nonetheless we Africans have to be proud of our Indigenous languages, ancestral cultures, traditional names, our kinky hair, dark-skinned and broad features when society is influencing us to be dissatisfied with them.

It is logical Black people refer to themselves with any term of their choosing as long as their think, speak, write and act with pride, know and respect their native traditions. If we are proud of our black race we will never act like slaves for we are more than Blacks, Africans, Aboriginals, Congoids, Ethiopoids or whatever we are being or have been categorized. We are more than terminology, which is what we have to understand. Being proud of our African roots is the noblest conduct. Our culture lies beyond terminologies.

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