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Title: Freedom or Death
Post by: admin on March 12, 2003, 12:05:01 AM
Posted By: Ras Tyehimba
Date: Tuesday, 11 March 2003

Rage swells
Funeral bells
Tears flowed freely
My heart filled with sympathy
As the rivers of blood ran
Bodies of the dead Palestinian
Lingering on my mind
Peace at least seems never to come in the Middle East
Is the life of an Israeli worth more that that of a Palestinian?
American aid to Israel each year is 3 billion
American mid east policy
Facilitating massive folly
How can America save the children
From American based destruction
Little girl, teddy bear clutched, watched
The bloody murder of her parents
Stones hit the tanks in vain
As masses of civilians are slain
Suicide amidst the genocide
Nowhere to hide
Palestinians, get up and fight
With all your might
For your rights
Bush say he want peace
That he want the killings to cease
But justice and freedom must come first
Israelis, you too bloodthirsty
Your bazookas have no mercy
Man, woman or baby
George Bush and Ariel Sharon are in the same bracket as Hitler, the Vatican….Mussolini
Dastardly are your crimes against humanity
Hate proliferates
The killings that you perpetuate
Will bring your destruction
Your crimes as plentiful as the sand on the land
You are trying to wrest from the Palestinians
Europe, I find you are rather silent on the matter
Israel is breaking lots of UN resolutions
But Britain only raving about Zimbabwean Sanctions
What is your plan?
Inaction will aggravate the destruction
Arafat, I know you under attack
Any moment you could be shot in the back
The annihilation of your people must stop
Pop pop pop…gunshot
Guns versus slingshots
This struggle going on for too long
But I know right will overcome wrong
Freedom must come by any means necessary
The children must have the opportunity to live in peace and security.
Death to the oppressors!
Freedom to the people

Title: Re: Freedom or Death
Post by: Jah_Vibes on March 18, 2003, 03:05:22 AM
Blessed Love Breathern
Keep up Jah works!