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Title: No more Christmas for Tanzania – Hapa Kazi tu!
Post by: Nakandi on December 13, 2015, 10:00:42 AM
"To skeptics, this seemed like post-inauguration hype and lip homage and that things would go back to business as usual in no time. Perhaps in time Tanzania will revert to her old self, though the signs of a return to old Tanzania are not promising. Yet to most people’s surprise, the president seems keen to stay true to his campaign slogan – Hapa Kazi tu (Just work) and to keep his promise to confront vices that derail the country from prosperity.

Just a week later, he cut down parliament’s inauguration party expenditure from 300 Million Tanzanian Shillings to 25 Million TZS  (US$ 140,000 to US$ 12,000), and ordered that the money be used to buy beds for the hospital. On Monday, 23th November, the president announced that there would be no festivities on Independence Day, December 9; instead people should engage on clean up exercises to combat the ongoing cholera outbreak.

He was appalled that after 54 years of independence, we are still at risk from cholera and other avoidable diseases. This move touched my heart. Dirt has become such a normal part of our streets that we no longer complain about it. I was proud of a president that cared about hygiene, the people’s health and the environment. He has made everyone see that cleanliness, and combating cholera, is primarily our responsibility and not just of the ministry of health or the World Health Organisation."

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