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Title: enslaved by technology
Post by: Ras_Legacy on January 29, 2004, 01:51:49 PM
I have noticed a problem...People nowadays have no need for physical oppressors. Mind control is now in teh form of machines. Tellievision can mesmorize InI into complete submission, as can teh video games. InI can become ignorant to teh killing and oppression in the world by watching mindless sitcoms or playing video games for hours.

The computer works the same way. InI can become enslaved by teh computer. How many times do InI need to check email? How many instant messages need InI send. Is it not slavery if InI are compulsively checking emails and messages?

What other forms of slavery are there? Well, many forms of technology decrease the need for individual contact. People are more comfortable with watching death and injury, and are more comfortable with dealing with machines instead of real people.

Is this not slavery?

I post this topic because I am dealing with this issue now. Anyone else see this as a problem?