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Title: lost messages
Post by: Yann on January 29, 2004, 04:02:33 PM
email from ptaured7 about losing messages. i am posting it here as well as my reply so others can benefit - yan

I lost a new topic that I tried to post , but I was logged
off I guess because I was past my time limit.  When I tried to post it,
I was reminded on a new screen that I had to log in and I couldn't find
the thing I had written after that.  Can it be recovered somehow from
your site? or is it lost?.  I liked the prose and ideas alot, something
I really wanted to communicate and don't want to recraft it .  It had a
certain humor to it, but very serious subject.  Any help you can give
me, would appreciate it.   Ptaured 7. (not that computer savy)

Ptaured 7,

I am sorry, but there is nothing that can be done to recover a message in this situation. The most advice that I can give is that in future when posting, write the message in Microsoft word, or another notepad program and then cut and paste it into the message box. That way you are sure that your message will always remain intact regardless of automatic log outs or connection instability.

Remember too that if you do use Microsoft word that some symbols or characters may appear as code when posted so you may have to rewrite the symbols such as quotation marks etc in the message box.


Title: Re: lost messages
Post by: gman on January 29, 2004, 08:08:59 PM
I just had the same problem cos this blasted computer kicks me off the net every 5 minutes... forgive this question from a near computer-illiterate, but how exactly do you cut-and-paste from MS word to the message board?
If the answer's too complicated don't bother replying, I'll ask someone and figure it out. Respeck, G

Title: Re: lost messages
Post by: admin on January 29, 2004, 08:33:52 PM
Click on "Select All" after typing the document in word, and then carry the cursor over the highlighted work. Right click on the highlighted work, and select copy. And there you have it.
Just come to the board and right click in the window for posting the article, and then click paste.

The other way is to put the cursor to the beginning of the text you typed, then squeeze on right click of the mouse, and drag it over the text you want to copy. Once you have the text you wish to copy highlighted then right click over it, select copy and then come to the window to post the article, right click in the window and select paste.