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Title: Trample the Enemy
Post by: Empress_Sarai on July 02, 2003, 09:08:17 AM
Trample the Enemy

How long shall they ponder?
Ever learning and never being able to acknowledge the truth.
Stepping to the Ras with vain babblings and fable stories,
Made by an illusion of living in Babylon.
Reality is lost and they fail to realize.
Coming around us with a fake disguise.
Spreading propaganda and a bag of lies.
But we know as Rastas we are wise.
While they sipping on the cup of fornication,
We burning the Hola Herb with a high meditation.
Dem vex cause they canít stop the Rastaman vibration.
As prisoners of The Most High they canít do us any harm.
No matter how they try their best we blaze the fiyah strong.
Souljahís of Jah trodding through adversity,
And wicked ones envy this righteous livity.
We are placed on pedestals,
Our footstool is our enemies.
Praising the Irator and seeing fulfilling prophesies,
Our eyes are open wide and they canít trick us,
They are so full of hate, and then they move so vicious,
But we can taste victory, so sweet and delicious.
The Lord is my light, whom shall I fear?
My Guider and Itector throughout all of my years,
Even though there are times of suffering and spiritual warfare.
He remains by my side for iver, Rastafari if always there!


Title: Re: Trample the Enemy
Post by: Empress_Jahnia on July 02, 2003, 10:14:04 AM
blessings sistren,
                     i feel u on this one , but not only must we trample them . but try to show them the way .
we have to help each other u know show them the way, teach them to overstand.

Title: Re: Trample the Enemy
Post by: Empress_Sarai on July 02, 2003, 05:59:43 PM
Yes I Empress Jahnia we must show ones the way but some just love evil and wickedness more than they love the Father, and know right and still do the wrong. So people will never change even if we show them a thousand times because of their hard headedness and stubborness. Give thanks for the sistren opinion still. Jah bless. ;D