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Post by: highsenses on April 09, 2003, 01:51:56 PM
I lift InI eyes unto the sky and I then I look around; I see JAH magnificence since I hear RASTAFARI drums sound.
Throdding, InI throdding, InI struggling to overcome evil conception - Evil conception taught to InI from the day of my conception - such deception!
InI see racial oppression, racial frustration, racial division between JAH dawtas and sons.
Fi dat Selassie I come and sey racism have fi done: Babylon time fi bun.
Hail di King of Kings!!!
InI see Jah children scattered and misplaced
'Fraid to proclaim truth dat everibody root from AFRICA it is traced.
And InI throdding, did journey a long one fi true
But InI no give up; stand firm is wat I have to do
So InI will continue to give thanks to the Most High as He reveal Himself to I - JAH, Haile Selassie I, JAH, RASATAFARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one love...