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Post by: Natty_Fred on April 06, 2004, 02:13:02 AM

Answer the question, what you're doing is wrong
Answer the question, you've decieved us for too long
Answer the question, what are you trying to hide?
Answer the question, stop taking us for a ride

Don't give excuse man, tell us what you've done
Stop this abuse and, let us in on what's to come
There must be a reason, why you tell your lies
You better have a good, good reason, why the truth don't materialise

You're starving your people, of justice and truth
They thirst for answers, the young ones, oh will you please quench the youth
They're getting restless, soon they will rise up
It's a life-long sentence, to be living in a country corrupt


This legal system, corruption in high place
The real criminals you missed them, and their crimes you just erase
And all for a profit, all for yourself
You overfill your pocket, you just waan go home and count your wealth

Where is the justice? a fair trial for all?
How can we trust this? how can we stand up tall?
And work together, together for your plan
You hide like leather, while we're sinking in the sand, SO


You stand up in Parliament, Prime Ministers question time
And you just start an argument, hope that they forget your last crime
Always pleading innocent, to all who accuse
How can you represent, when the people don't share your views?

Always backing America, always follow suit
You are who they say you are, when they say fire, you shoot
The trouble there in Palestine, you just ingnore
Israel stepping out of line, But America fund their war, so

You keep quiet about it, you keep it low key
Why won't you shout about it? I would if it was me
But i'm not in your shoes, and if I were
I'd make it headline news, and i'd never consider

Protecting America, that hypocrite state
Protecting them when they are, fuelling violence and deep hate
Providing Israel with, weaponry and funds
Why do they have the right to give, NO SELL, SELL bombs and guns


By Natty-Fred

Post by: sisMenenI on April 06, 2004, 11:28:24 AM
Your lyrics are blessed Natty Fred... give thanks for the word sound... Babylon burning - and the flame is getting hotter with each hour. JUDGEMENT time..