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Title: 1st Iraqi Uprising has begun
Post by: sisMenenI on April 10, 2004, 10:31:17 AM
Iraqi Intifada: Shia and Sunni Unite
4/9/2004: The first major uprising against the US occupation of Iraq has begun. The revolt was sparked by the closure of a paper tied to Al-Sadr, a Shiite fundamentalist cleric, but it has now spread across Iraq. "Al-Sadr is NOT reflecting a minority of Iraqis ... Al-Sadr has 5 to 7 million supporters. [P]eople feel that their personality, history and culture are being attacked. Everyone is defensive now...All of these military steps that Bremer is taking now remind Iraqis of the Palestinian crisis... And the thing happening in Iraq right now, killing hundreds of Iraqis and dozens of coalition soldiers, is NOT just another mob. It is an uprising." -Raed in the Middle
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Ali Faris, 14 years old, shot in his home by US forces in Sad'r City. April 5, 2004. Baghdad, Iraq