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Title: WAR
Post by: Poetic_Princess on April 14, 2004, 08:55:57 AM

IS it a clever thing?
but yet cause so much pain
how can such a small word cause so much friction
cause so many tongues to go distasteful
many hearts to surrender
blood trickling over WAR
blood of all races,colours,differences
all united in a bowl of the deviant soul
the draconian devil takes it's value of a lame saint solider
absorbing and getting a mutual high of all the dead pools at his feet
WAR is it a clever thing
many think to see it as a wonderful thing
something of choice
something to put hamper of the great world TERRORISTS
from the Laden to the Hussein
but greatest of them all is the one who sits in The White House..

IS war a clever thing?

(Written the first day war started)