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Title: Ancient and Modern Britons
Post by: ROOTSWOMAN on July 07, 2003, 06:36:52 PM
Ancient and Modern Britons ( by David Mac Ritchie

The author makes it clear that some of the most ancient and important Scottish clans, including Douglass and Mac Dougall, had name that tell us that Negroes were the progenitors of these clans. The author provides us with a long list of surnames that he states were those of people with Black roots and includes King Arthur and Alpin, founder of the royal Scottish line that includes Macbeth and Duncan, both of whom Mac Ritchie believed to be Negroes.

I think this book is a must for all serious Historians. It was written before the systematic cover up of Africans on the world scene. The book clears up the reasons for racial tensions between the Britons and Scotts, Irish, Welsch, etc. MacRichie also goes into the origins of many European names (Scott and Irish in particular). He goes into the origins of town and state names, costoms, language, art, religion, etc. I stongly recommend both volumes one and two.

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