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Title: Who Am I?
Post by: Poetic_Princess on May 15, 2004, 06:05:35 PM
Who Am I?
I walk the streets
Like everyone else
I come and go
Sometimes taken away,other times unfairly treated
Out of many hardly highly regarded
Who Am I?
I come in no packages
Or even fancied wrapped assortments
I come raw and savage
With the smelt of burnt ash
In my breath
Who Am I?
Im always in my best
Always respected that I wished
Often scorned,highly hiden from
Often treated like crap
Compared to the rest
Who Am I?
Im always where you are
When you turn you see me
When you wronged you hear me
When your in trouble
I comfort thee
When you call
I answer
Who Am I you ask once more
Can't you guess
Im inside you living and breathing
And still you don't know Who Am I
I am thy Inner Realm also known as Thy S.E.L.F