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Title: Spiritual Principles to Live By
Post by: OlOrisa_Olokun on June 29, 2004, 08:04:02 AM
Use these to begin thinking about how you live and experience LIFE.

1. Love       Caring, Thoughtfulness, Kindness, Compassion      

2. Respect for Life      Tolerance, Courtesy, Cooperation      

3. Self-Discipline       Determination, Will Power, Restraint, Obedience      

4. Perseverance      Striving, Effort, Confidence, Endurance      

5. Service      Purpose, Responsibility, Helpfulness      

6. Harmony      Optimism, Co-operation, Enthusiasm      

7. Forgiveness       Compassion, Mercy, Understanding      

8. Gratitude      Generosity, Sharing, Thankfulness      

9. Devotion       Concentration, Calmness, Focus      

10. Purity      Perfection, Simplicity, Innocence      

11. Cause & Effect         Restraint, Accountability, Good Intentions      

12. Integrity       Truthfulness, Honesty, Courage, Sincerity      

13. Moderation      Balance, Moderation, Inner Peace      

14. Faith       Trust, Hope, Patience      

15. Humility       Modesty, Sincerity, Gentleness      

16. Surrender      Acceptance, Freedom, Contentment      

17. Attraction       Discernment, Self-Awareness, Courage      

18. Synchronicity       Alertness, Receptivity, Courage

Title: Spiritual Principles to Live By Pt 2
Post by: OlOrisa_Olokun on June 29, 2004, 08:05:52 AM

1      ATTRACTION       
Discernment Self awareness Courage       
Whatever we put our attention on is attracted to us and is increased in our world. If we do nothing to curb our destructive desires, life becomes increasingly difficult for us to control. If we develop discernment and self-awareness, then we can distinguish between what is beneficial or destructive that we are attracting into our lives. Finally, we need courage to take the next step toward wholeness by eliminating our negative desires that attract chaos into our lives.

2      CAUSE & EFFECT      
Restraint Accountability Good Intentions       
According to the law of the universe, for every action there is an equal reaction. When we realize that we are accountable for every thought, word and deed, we recognize the wisdom of restraint and being aware of the intentions of our actions.

3      DEVOTION      
Concentration Calmness Focus       
We can contact Creative Intelligence by taking the time to go within our hearts. We find our true self here, not the ego. This can be done by anyone, through maintaining a feeling of calmness and concentrating on higher thoughts, whether through prayer, song, meditation or a walk in the woods. When we focus our lives on higher thoughts and actions, we connect with the Divine.

4      FAITH      
Trust Hope Patience       
There is a Loving Intelligence that pervades all things. All that is necessary is for us to maintain our trust and hope even though we live in the midst of uncertainty. Faith is our willingness to take the next step without fear or looking back and yet have the patience to allow Divine Order to work through our situation without trying to force the results ourselves.

5      FORGIVENESS      
Compassion Mercy Understanding       
Forgiveness is a conscious act that frees us from the damaging image of ourselves as a victim and dissolves the poison of resentment. These act as blocks to the Universal Reality. Because we choose a new understanding of our situation, we are now free to extend mercy and compassion to ourselves and to those who have wronged us. This reconnects us back to our real self.

6      GRATITUDE      
Generosity Magnanimity Appreciation      
The true state of Universal Reality is abundance. When we are grateful and appreciate what life has to offer, it indicates to the Universe that we accept whatever has been given to us and that we lack nothing. If we want to attract more prosperity into our lives, we need to start the process of thinking magnanimously and being generous to all of life. All of this opens up the flow of supply into our world because whatever we give to life returns to us.

7      HARMONY      
Optimism Co-operation Enthusiasm       
One of the universal laws is that we can choose what feelings we want to experience. When we choose negative feelings, our lives become infinitely more stressful and complex because we loose the inner connection with the Infinite. When we choose to be optimistic, cooperative and enthusiastic rather than being a victim of our negative emotions, we remain in control of ourselves and maintain inner happiness

8      HUMILITY      
Modesty Unpretentious Gentleness       
Through an attitude of modesty and unpretentiousness, we realize that we don't have to raise ourselves up with self-importance. God in his own way and time will reward us with whatever we need, as long as we rid ourselves of pride and maintain an attitude of gentleness toward all life.

9      INTEGRITY      
Truthfulness Courage Sincerity Honesty       
Our connection to our inner reality is strengthened when we align our thoughts, words and actions with truth and have the courage act with sincerity and honesty. This is the act of letting go of our own will and honoring the Divine Will instead.

10      LOVE       
Self-Esteem Self-Respect Caring Thoughtfulness Kindness Compassion Nurturing       
All living things require love to survive, including ourselves. We must first attend to our own needs for love before we can love others. When we neglect ourselves emotionally, we become emotionally toxic and are not whole enough to give love to others. When we change the inner dialogue from the inner critic to that of the inner companion, we bolster our self-esteem and self-respect. Then we are free to nurture all individuals by being the caring, compassionate, thoughtful and kind beings we truly are.

11      MODERATION      
Balance Moderation Inner Peace      
When we choose moderation in all aspects, we bring balance into our lives. Instead of experiencing 'burn-out' and stress, which actually hinders our productivity and blocks the creative flow of energy, we maintain our connection with our inner peace and true reality.

12      PERSEVERANCE      
Striving Effort Confidence Endurance      
Wholeness is not realized in a moment. Throughout a lifetime, there must be constant effort and striving toward self-perfection. In order to accomplish this, we need the confidence to endure all situations in order to reach our goal.

13      PURITY      
Perfection Simplicity Innocence      
When we choose to see the beauty of the simple things in life and the perfection all around us, instead of complexity and distortion, we retain our innocence. Purity then restores us to the joy of life. It is that which uplifts us and reconnects us to our true inner being.

14      RESPECT for LIFE      
Tolerance Courtesy Cooperation      
We are all a part of this Creative Intelligence and have a spark of the divine within us. Therefore, even though there is diversity among us, through religion, sex, culture, age and status, we are all part of the Divine Family. Everyone we meet deserves our respect because we honor the divine within them. We show this through courtesy, tolerance and cooperation with all whom we meet.

15      SELF DISCIPLINE      
Determination Obedience Restraint      
When we have the determination to restrain our lower desires, the door is opened for us to fulfill our highest aspirations. Through obedience to our higher self, we develop an inner control and greater confidence in ourselves. Through this process, we strengthen our connection to the Creative Intelligence and experience greater empowerment.

16      SERVICE      
Purpose Responsibility Creativity       
We came into this life with a special plan or purpose to help elevate humanity and life on earth through our own unique service. It is our responsibility to be successful in carrying out our plan and to infuse our service with creativity, or our own special God-given talent.

17      SURRENDER      
Acceptance Freedom Contentment       
When we accept what is happening to us at the present moment as part of a grander plan needed for our growth, we experience a new freedom. We welcome whatever comes into our lives, surrendering all wants and desires. With this new awareness comes contentment and peace.

18      SYNCHRONICITY      
Alertness Receptivity Courage       
When we are alert to highly significant events that cannot be explained, then we have an opportunity to go beyond the daily occurrences in our lives. We need to be receptive and have the courage to act on our inner promptings. In the process, we find that we are being transformed into the higher self.