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Post by: Tyehimba on April 18, 2003, 06:29:03 AM

Oh noble tribe of Kikuyu, I salute you
Your bravery have shone like a beacon for Afrikan Liberation
Out of your midst emerged a great warrior
We resisted the imperialistic plunders
Yes, his name is Jomo Kenyatta, the backbone of the Mau- Mau
Who journeyed to the heights of Mount Kenya
Oh Mau Mau, you forced the world to pay attention
To the atrocities of colonialism
Oh Mau- Mau you destroyed the oppressors who raped your nation
You dealt with the uncle toms who betrayed the revolution
Your warriors will forever remain a shining symbol of Afrikan resistance
The sadistic colonial system could have never conquered you
Your spirit was too strong for them to overcome
May the Kikuyu be righteous and never accept anything less than full freedom
May you be united in your struggle to rebuild Alkebulan
May you be blessed for the sacrifice that you expended
to upend the mind-benders of the global superpowers
The spear of the nation is burning
The tide is turning
Do you see it growing?
Do you see it spreading?
Where are you heading?
have you forgotten the mother that raised you
That nursed when others wanted to hearse you
No more groveling in the SCENTED mud of the oppressors praise
Now is the time to raise ourselves in the Divine image
Never give up the revolution
Never give up hope
Dreadlock Attack, no turning back
May your spirit continue to destroy ignoble regimes that lean towards brutal sadistic means to perpetuate the New World Order of hate
Freedom or Death, power to the people

                                                    by Ras Tyehimba