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Title: 1st African-American Orisa Priest (Photo Included)
Post by: OlOrisa_Olokun on July 03, 2004, 08:57:29 PM
1st African-American Orisa Priest

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In 1959, just before the Revolution, Oba Adefunmi travelled to the Matanzas region of Cuba to be initiated into the priesthood of Obatala.

Upon his return to the U.S. he founded Order of the Damballah Hwedo, then the Shango Temple, and later incorporated the African Theological Archmininstry. That organization would come to be called the Yoruba Temple. His spiritual message was accented by a Black Nationalist message. Though his words rang true in the hearts of many progressive African-Americans, his stance drew large criticsm within the ranks of Cuban priests. A new lineage of Orisa worship that placed Nigeria at it's core, but that was tailored for African-Americans was formed;Orisa-Voodoo.

In 1970, Oyotunji Village was created in Beaufort County, South Carolina. In 1972, Adefunmi was initiated into the Ifa Priesthood, receiving the rank of Babalawo and later that year was proclaimed Oba (King) of Oyotunji Village. It is noteworthy that in 1981 his status as King was recognized when the Ooni of Ile-Ife arranged for formal coronation rites to be performed for Oba Ofuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunmi.

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