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Title: The standard
Post by: Kebo on September 01, 2004, 03:31:28 PM

Society determines a mainstream, an ideal, a standard
Some people are better than others at being the mainstream, ideal, standard
Is the standard justified? Is there justice to the standard? Is the standard BS?

Those in control determine the standard
The standard is there is no standard
The standard is peace, friendship, justice, kindness, happiness, love, individuality
All other standards are bullshit set by those in control
Meanwhile every person is there own standard

The fear is if youíre not the standard than youíre nobody
If Iím not the standard then no one can relate to me
If Iím not the standard than Iím an alien
If Iím not the standard Iím automatically left out
If Iím not the standard then Iím exempt from the riches of the world
If Iím not the standard then somethingís wrong with me
If Iím not the standard then Iím no good
So you do everything you can to become the standard
You pretend to be the standard and live in desperate fear of not being found out
You try to be somebody else
You never get to know who you really are
You neglect your own self
You disassociate yourself from your own self
You die and live in fear
You become surrounded by barriers
You live in fear of others
You break your kinship with others
You forgo your life
You waste all your time keeping up a false image, leading a false public life
You give up the riches within yourself and the joy
You deprive people of your self and what you bring to the table of the world
Instead you bring falsehood, fakeness, negativity, fear
All in the name of idolizing the standard and trying to be the standard
Itís a false mentality
A false agreement
A lie
A false belief
Resulting in a false reality
A false reality of negativity, illusion and fear

Your mis-goal is to become the standard
And you can never be the standard
The standard is unattainable
You can never be anything that you are not
You can only be who you are
And who you are is what will give you happiness
Youíre digging in the wrong place
By misinformation
Babylon psycho-disease

The goal is miscoordinated
You have become dysfunctional
A slave

Title: Re: The standard
Post by: preach on September 01, 2004, 06:17:49 PM
Seen. Going against the grain is such a lonely road but a necessity in personal growth. As an individual who often takes the road less traveled I am still in awe at those who are content. It appears to be much simpler to conform, if only to keep ones sanity.