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Title: Some Yoruba words in Brazilian Portugese
Post by: Oshun_Auset on September 15, 2004, 12:25:03 PM
Some Yoruba words in Brazilian Portugese

Taken from "Death of a myth: Critical Essays on Nigeria" by Femi Ojo-Ade.

Portugese Yourba Meaning
======= ====== =========================
ababalao--------babalawo---------Ifa priest
abara------------abara-------------small spicy cake of grated beans
acaraje-----------akara--------------fried bean cake (one of my faves  
agogo-------------agogo--------------bell, percussion instrument
axe----------------ashe---------------power, spiritual foundation
arioko-------------ara oko------------ignorant person (or bush person)
camba-------------kamba-------------control or contain
cufar---------------ku------------------to die
ebo-----------------egbo---------------pounded corn, corn meal with beans
efo------------------efo-------------vegetables, usually with palm oil and fish
iao-------------------iyawo---------wife or wife of orixas
jagunco-------------ajagun--------soldier, warrior or descendant of
ogo-------------------ogo-------------A lot of money, sort of like fool's gold
oquico----------------akuko-----------cock or chicken

Taken from Chapter 24 "Brazil's Bahia and the Yoruba continuum", where the author recounts his numerous trips to Bahia and provides an indepth analysis of the Yoruba influence in the region.

It is indeed rare to find Nigerians discussing this subject, especially now that the Yorubas seem to be in th grip of the evangelical Christian conservatives and any mentioned of Ifa is frowned upon.