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Title: Not Forgotten
Post by: helena on April 19, 2003, 01:33:43 PM
                        NOT FORGOTTEN

Forgive us Father,
for we have sinned.
We took your word,
without hearing.
To shackle and chain,
in the flesh and mind.
No reparation,
was honest enough.
of survivors,
and victims.
I know who is who.
Fear of guilt,
denied equality,
of conception.
Deliver us Father,
from our sins.
It is not impossible,
for his-story,
to be told in truth.
And it is not too hard,
to admit greed,
founded nations present.
And it is not weak,
to feel sorrow of a past,
Man to man.
And I listen,
to many calls of freedom.
One sweet song,
reaches over the ocean flat.
That says,
One Love serves as the midwife,
and Jah Love will deliver mankind.

Give Jah thanks and praise for LIFE


Title: Re: Not Forgotten
Post by: helena on April 21, 2003, 08:10:14 AM
The poem above was written for the white people who do not believe that there is any case of history being part of todays racism, or believe that christianity was not perverted to suit those who needed a tool for the justification/legitimacy of such a sin.

peace, Helena