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Title: She Loved Me
Post by: Bantu_Kelani on January 28, 2005, 09:56:30 AM
Her smile melted any guilt
that my soul contained
She said my name
with a Southern accent
that could make a million babies smile

She was the Queen of my Nile
I was transformed by her
in ways that have no tangible form.

Her Love was beyond the norm.
I was Christopher. Committed. Dedicated. Devoted.
Happy. High. Hopeful.
Eager to walk the college campus with
caramel Sunshine.

My best friend supported our relationship
as if he had envisioned our marriage, whether
it was destined to take place or not.
Out of his concern and help I got a lot.

To see We loving I/She
I think that it made him happy
just because.

I loved Her too
But Her love was sweet tea brew
and a bowl of Louisiana gumbo stew.

Who knew
that our love had an end?

Who knew
that some day we would just
be friends?

I comprehend

She got the best of me
(and the worst of me at times)

I'm sure that at our highest peak
that she got my all

Why does love have to fall

She loved me like wind to breeze
Like bend to knees
Like flower to Sun
Like legs to run

Like bath to body
Like love is supposed to be.

She loved me
and I can say these words
a thousand times until the beauty
of it all is deeply embedded into my mind.

My fellow men open your eyes
and realize that when a woman
holds love for you inside that you're
blessed with the most Sacred energy
in existence.

To She I am forever thankful.

Christopher Donshale Sims/Universoul