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Title: Africa's greatest challenge
Post by: diploabu on March 07, 2005, 11:04:16 AM
Hello There

We must be wondering why Africa is not making the best possible progress even after gaining political independence. Well we need to realize that in order for africa to be politically free many strategies were used , but I want at this point to single out one major strategy- unity of purpose.
Looking at Southern africa in particular, Zimbabwe  got its independence through heavy sacrifice from South Africans, Zambians , Mozambicans,Nigeria ( just to mention a few). Joshua Nkomo was a member of The African National Congress.At some point in Zimbabwe's liberation war a group of ANC guerillas fought against the imperialists.They were torn down but the independence many enjoy is from those sacrifices.In essence I am trying to draw your attention to the boundaries that exist these days within these African countries.Africans must see that in order to get economic independence they must employ the same strategies from yesterday except now they must be perfected. Remember that as long as your neighbor is enslaved a part of you is also enslaved.
Pan-Africanism is the only way and we need to employ it more vehemently than ever.This is the time to tear down tribal, ethnic,cultural and traditional borders.Whoever is oppressed is my brother and my sister.The Revolution needs to be taken to another level.There is no time to be celebrating "flag independence". This is probably Africa's greatest challenge. As always the Forces of Good will conquer over the forces of evil.