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Title: Book Review: Beyond The Talented Tenth
Post by: imhotepptah on March 12, 2005, 10:32:08 PM
Book Review: Beyond The Talented Tenth by Adin Kachisi

Author of three books, Adin Kachisi is a Zimbabwean living in New York. His latest book "Beyond the Talented Tenth - Transformation of Black America" deals with issues affecting African Americans and how they can be handled.

Beyond the Talented Tenth is a masterpiece, a synthesis of research, wit, honesty, wisdom and fresh creativity. The author analyzes the social conditions of Black America and provides practical and tangible solutions to problems. Beyond The Talented Tenth is a critical analysis of the new challenges and opportunities that face African Americans today. The core and heart of the content in this book is a call on all Black America across age and class distinction to rise and take up the challenge to transform Black America and America as a whole.
This book is written with brutal honesty but also in simple language to serve as a transformation bible and development blueprint for all African Americans, from the youths to the elders, from the man on the street to the university Professors and policy makers. Beyond the Talented Tenth will arouse and shake the readers into wakefulness and action. Beyond focusing on Black America, this book also deals issues, subjects and problems common to all Americans.

Chapter samples -

Title: Beyond The Talented Tenth -‘Transformation of Black America’
Author: Adin Kachisi
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (
ISBN: 1-59457-670-X
Author's site: