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Title: Mr. African
Post by: Bantu_Kelani on April 18, 2005, 12:02:39 PM
Mr. African

By Prince Akbar aka Jus Rhymz

Mr. African
Mr. “I came to America,
And I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps.”
Mr. “American Blacks are just lazy,
And beg white folks for food stamps.”
Mr. “Ain’t got shit to say
About African nations begging for foreign aid.”
Mr. “Refugee,
Coming to my country with dreams of getting paid.”
Mr. “Black folks blame racism for everything,
And their claims are shallow.”
Mr. “Shocked as hell
When he read about Amadou Diallo.”
Mr. “Always quick to point out black folks say ‘axe’
Instead of ‘ask.’”
Mr. “Don’t make me start mocking
Your Swahili talking ass.”
Mr. “It seems all blacks do
Is sell drugs and make raps.”
Mr. “It seems all Africans do
is braid hair and drive cabs.”
Mr. “Black folks need to learn slavery
Was a long f***ing time ago. Damn!”
Mr. “Quick to discuss African colonization,
And the current affect on his homeland.”
Mr. “Black Crips and Bloods
Do ‘drive by’s’ and they terrorize.”
Mr. “Need to quit pretending that in Rwanda,
The Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s cherished lives.”
Mr. “America’s the richest country on earth,
And blacks still don’t have shit.”
Mr. “Africa’s the wealthiest continent in raw materials,
Yet there’s plenty of famine in it.”
Mr. “I refuse to let my African daughter date a black man
Because she might get HIV.”
Mr. “Last time I checked AIDS was killing off women
All over the mother country.”
Mr. “I don’t want anything to do with black folks.
Those people aren’t my kind.”
Mr. “Got into Harvard University
Thanks to the Affirmative Action fight we designed.”
Mr. “We could go back and forth,
All day, all night.”
Mr. “Your bitterness towards me,
And my rage towards you isn’t right.”
Mr. “Instead of exchanging insults,
And disgraceful remarks,
Mr. we should be united,
And fighting these sharks.”
Mr. England’s gotten rich
Off your country your sweat.
Mr. America enjoyed centuries of free labor
Forced sex.
Mr. Belgium, Mr. France
Mr. Italy, Mr. Spain,
Mr. “Pick any European nation
Discover our pain.”
Mr. “Whatever happen
To Garvey, Elijah, Lumumba,
Mr. Biko, Dubois,
Malcolm, Selassie, Nkrumah?”
Mr. African.
Many a soldier has tried to unite us and died.
Mr. let us discard all these egos,
And worthless pride.
Mr. Let us unite.
Mr. African. Mr. Now!
Mr. “Empower the masses.
They’re asking us how!”