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Post by: emmanuel on April 24, 2005, 05:52:52 PM
It is An dream
To be A-merry-clan.
What ever it may cost
To fulfil this plan.
Merrily killing for the love
Of blood spilling
Willingly illing in their wheeling and dealing.
The selected Don of the president clan
Revealing the extent of their not being human
So happy go lucky
A real life Chucky.
What a merry clan this seems to be
Not giving a damn about you or me.
For the people of colour, must constantly holler.
Take a look at the name and the face on the dollar
See any sign of a sister or brother?
A-merry-clan is the
They not only seemed doomed to unrealistic dreams
But to dash black dreams into disaster machines
Turning real dreams into living nightmare systems.
If the sufferer has not blue eyes and blond hair
Then who the hell cares?
The leaders of this merry-clan plans to rule this earthly nation
Claiming to have a better plan than that of creation.
The A-meri-clan constructed from different nations
Where do the black man stand in this congregation?
The true builder of that free nation
Still living under contemptuous segregation
Black people are you free in this nation?
Wake up AMERICANS!!!

17/02/05 C. A. E. Davis

Title: Re: A-MERI-CLAN
Post by: mysticlyrics on April 24, 2005, 06:29:02 PM
Great talent! Hope that people heed to the call.