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Title: Tech Update: Opera Browser, Fastest & Most Sec
Post by: OlOrisa_Olokun on June 09, 2005, 06:51:51 AM
2005 Chip Magazine "Best Browser"
2005 PC Magazin "Best Browser" (Germany)
2004 PC World "Best Overall Browser" (United States)
2003 Only Trade Union Endorsed Browser (Europe)

Opera Features
  • More secure than Internet Explorer, AOL and Netscape (Equal to Firefox)
  • Faster than Mozilla Firefox, IE, AOL and Netscape
  • Opera is an Internet browser with a pop-up blocker
  • Choose from 100s of free "skins" and free program add-ons created by opera staff and opera users to make opera work like YOU want it to work, not the software company
  • multiple-windows navigation and browsing. unlimited sites in ONE window for simultaneous viewing!
  • built in download manager with resume. fast!
  • mouse gestures
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • built-in e-mail client with Spam filter
  • integrated search within email client (never lose an email again)
  • cross-platform browser
    (can work with any site and copy/paste from any other browser)
  • IRC-compatible chat,
  • support for RSS newsfeeds
  • password manager
    (1-click access to all specified passwords for all your sites,accounts etc)
  • one-click customization and privacy protection settings.
  • Mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts
  • accelerated Web navigation w/Fast Forward and Rewind buttons
  • personalize the user interface with one-click skins.
  • special elements for users with disabilities
  • drag-and-drop support
  • built in notes/note pad
  • user profiles
  • Opera supports the latest in security and provides password and cookie managers.

Learn ( more about Opera  ( download the free ( version