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Title: Loosing Battle
Post by: Ras_Kwame on June 17, 2005, 01:59:40 AM
The only thing we can all be sure of
For the future is---death!
It's out there waiting for everyone
Every second of the day and night
Death is always around...and it will always come
Before this house of happiness
We're trying to build here on earth is completed
And all of our strenghts, intelligence and technology
Will not not be enough to win this battle

We are all dying....everyone of us, day by day
Why the fright?
Why the running away from this truest of all truths?
Silence! Listen! All you mortals...
Here is wisdom.....

Truth is;
When we breathe our last,
All that we achieved selfishly in our lifetime is useless
Truth is;
From the day we are born to the day we die
All that we accumulate, we owe to the Creator and to others
Truth is;
Any meaning to life that doesn not have us loving One and All, won't work
Truth is;
Our physical mortal life must end but the life of One and All will not
Truth is;
Good food,  nice clothes, more money
And anything you can but with it,
Is irrelevant when death comes knocking
Truth is;
INI souls will not taste destruction when Peace and Love rules

Who says it can't be defeated?
Turn around now and face it
Stop running from it
How are you gonna win a battle
When you're constantly running from the enemy all the time?

Life did not create life oh hue-man
And ya life don't belong to you and you alone
Those selfish animal desires oh hue-man, has to be crucified
Be one with One and All that dies not
Any other mode of protection
Will crumble by the sting of death...tell you!