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Title: Life a pass through?
Post by: moore on July 06, 2005, 05:25:08 PM
Greetings in the Name of the Most High

For quite some time I think about the Rastafarian view on the question of life after death and more general what happen if anything after death. What I have on my mind concerning that is contradictory: Many Rastas like Peter Tosh sung against a heaven “where I cannot reach unless I die”, thereby critizising normal christianity as an hypocrisy designed to keep the people down. We shall not wait until great God will come from the sky and make everybody feel high because almighty God is a living man.
 it seems to me there is also another strand of Rastafarian thinking expressed in some songs like that of Norris Man where he says that life is just a earthly trod and that life is a test.
One Rastaman told me that we just pass through on earth.
So I would like to pose the question to all feel entitled to answer:
Do Rastafarians believe that after death there is a final judgement which determines if a soul goes to heaven or to hell? Or do they believe like I suppose some christians do in air and fire beings and demons that inhabit the heavens and through which has to be made a way by angels guiding the soul? What happens when a man dies?
I would much appreciate reasoning with people who feel entitled to speak and I giv thanks and praise Ises Moore