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Title: Mugabe to visit Cuba
Post by: Ayinde on September 09, 2005, 12:32:05 AM
From correspondents in Havana
September 09, 2005

ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe is to visit Cuba over the weekend in an official three-day visit with President Fidel Castro, Cuba's government announced overnight.

Mr Mugabe will arrive with his wife, Grace Mugabe, Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengengwi and other government officials.

The announcement said Mr Mugabe and his entourage will meet with Mr Castro and other officials and will visit places of "historical and scientific interest."

The weekend visit to the island will be the African leader's sixth, the most recent having been in 2002.

Mr Castro visited Zimbabwe in 1986, for a meeting of non-aligned nations.

Cuba has educated 3034 Zimbabwean students, according to Havana's foreign ministry. Four Zimbabwean students are attending Cuba's International School of Physical Education and Sports, and 10 others are studying science at the University of Havana.

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