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Title: Beauty Is Intelligence
Post by: Susan on September 25, 2005, 02:18:54 PM
Beauty Is Intelligence          

Beauty is intelligence,
Birth of science and truth
Creative force inside
 Touching the thistle, brushing the roots

Beauty is intelligence
The warm light of the moon
Staying the calm,
Accessing supple moments in my room

Beautiful intelligence
The energy of the sun
Igniting conception
In fires of pelvic rotation, Coiling to connect 
The sweetness that sings
My flower opening to invite the courting bee sting

Beauty in intelligence
The birth of my desire
Drawing from my breast
Feminine sperms of nature
Nourishing your lips with
Maternal moisture
Renewing your life in the essence of my waters

Beauty is intelligence
 Mastering the lugs of life
Gasping at the interlude
Returning to pleasure heights
Beauty is the intelligence to overcome strife
As you glow up inside me
In the currents of this life

Beauty is intelligence
In the freedom that we gained
Forever in our choices
Of labor, love or pain
Beauty is the intelligence
Our energy has created

To secure for ourselves
That which is best left unspoken