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Title: What my heart would have me know of God
Post by: helena on September 26, 2005, 06:58:39 AM

'What is the hour? '
Asked the man of the time keeper
'Time you began a watch,
or forever be a sleeper.
I provided a beginning,
a middle and an end.
And as you might never concieve of infinity,
it's your lifetime you'd do best to comprehend.
You will not know the hour,
when I will come and make my final call.
So trust not in tomorrow's grace,
when today you abandoned me, only to fall.
I have provided plenty of opportunity,
so there can be no excuse,
you must choose sides of this battle;
for as Good will always win, I will offer no truce.
And the time is now so you must decide,
will you choose Death,
or will you by my Law abide?
For as you are the branches,
and I am the tree,
it is by the strenght of my roots,
that will set you free.'

Give thanks.......