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Title: Ocean's High
Post by: helena on September 26, 2005, 07:05:57 AM
I drew a breath,
like an ocean withdrawing,
before the curl of a wave.
And I gave thanks and praise,
for the sun and moon,
lighting the way for my eyes to see.
And for the star that shines within,
that seed bursting with the knowledge,
of how I should grow.
For the rainbow in the sky,
reminding me that though it rains,
the sun still shines above any cloud,
that ever was.
For the Word that has reached my heart,
and the love it would cultivate.
I see the tears of the world,
and I give thanks that my soul understands,
that God's love,
has already conquered the Devils hate.
A herb exhaled,
with that very same breath,
sees a cloud rise higher,
while my spirit rides the waves.

Greetings, long time since i have visited the board, and enjoying reading the posts and reasonings.
Give thanks for the blessings....