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Title: What is life...........?
Post by: helena on November 04, 2005, 08:26:51 AM
A moments peace was the eye of the storm,
a split second's revelation granted before the world shook.
And mountains were flat as valleys when I far above looked down,
carried by storm winds comforted by the reason why.

All the world left me in the nameless space that is,
a being with no reason to fear anymore.
Comforted by the knowledge of,
that was within all the while I prayed to see.

The word carried by only One,
though a multitude mouthed nothing that could be created;
for it always was.
Deafness continued searching for the wisdom of the ages.


A living time that was beyond the shadow that fell,
while graves were dug of the earth by willing hands.
Knowing not that death ignored the beating of the heart,
for the walking are not always the living.

Place no certainty on tomorrow,
dawn rises to birdsong awakened by angels.
For He is Life that IS,
and our struggles remain undisturbed while blinded in the dark.

In my growth, forcefully I am moved like the earthquake,
I am split when I see my sin and I crumble when I hear truth.
Seasons then heal in their given time,
and build strong foundations of my second birth.

Shivers run through me like rivers that babble His name,
and goose pimples arise from His touch.
Oh God, Father,
how I love thee.