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Title: rastafari help
Post by: nyamabla on July 30, 2003, 04:37:27 PM
greetings rastafari,

iman was listening last evening to a reasoning mutabaruka had on his show weeks back. while listening a question came to i. iman have kids now and i dont want my yute dem growing up similar to i. muta was reasoning on howell and upon listening again last night i realized howell's birthday was not long ago and iman didnt celebrate with i kids. which takes i to july 23. i had to work that day and within a couple of hours into the shift i said to i self"i should have stayed home and went to the bingi in md." because i celebrated alone. and i work with many ones from ethiopia. (nother topic another day) by the end of the shift though i was very glad i had went to work because at least 5 people now know at least who selassie i is, plus a yugoslavian man came up to i when him see i shirt with h.i.m. picture pon da front and told i about a port in yugoslavia that was renamed after h.i.m after h.i.m visit yugoslavia. so all in all the day was good but this all has i thinking about things. iman celabrates mlk birthday, malcolm and many others i at least know. but iman a rastaman. so i man know there are nuff brethren and sistren who needs real celabration you know, because as important as malcolm is the i didnt sight selassie and iman do so i kids will be raised this way and i need help in finding rasta brethren and sistren who deserve to have holidays in i yard. like planno,howell,emmanuel seen. ones who did or do good work that is not discussed in mainstream. nuff people look forward to columbus day for a day off of work only to allow their mind overtime to say ok columbus discovered america.

i would rather my daughter for example grow up aspiring to be like a bantu or rootswoman than any of the ones i was taught about in school.

so rastafari speaks iman ask for help so i can educate da yute dem and iself as well. iman learns more in a week from posts here than i did in all my days in school. so i see evil people distracting the teachers from their work by getting them to reason on silly things that ones calling themselves rasta should have been passed. get away babylon. that day at work also showed i that there are a whole heap of people who just don't know. iman can sight the ignorance in i and that is why i am here to learn continually, but others need love to even the ones that dont know they need it.

excuse the i for running long and typing sentences that dont end for a while but iman not a writer you know. jah love still.

one black love

Title: Re: rastafari help
Post by: Ras_Joe on July 30, 2003, 07:15:44 PM
Do you visit BLU?

Title: Re: rastafari help
Post by: nyamabla on July 30, 2003, 09:20:20 PM
yes i.