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Title: I Man Cool
Post by: pez on March 25, 2006, 08:05:51 PM
When in my teens I was blown away by a poem I came across. (circa 1980)
It was written by a then well known Rastafarian Poet by the name of Alanzo Izo Robinson (or Alanso Izo Robinson) from Jamaica.
Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact words and wonder if there is any well versed scholar who can give me help find the exact wording.
The poem was published.
As far as I can remember it went something like this:-


I man cool
I man cool
With love and friend
I man cool
With health and strength
I man cool
With peace and joy
I man cool.

I man go sit up ina de lwa
An I man a medidate
But Wah!
Too much political terminology
Gwina causa agony
Too much sodomy
An too much bigamy
No badda me
For I man cool.

I man go sit upon I ital stool a Yule
For I man cool
I man go sit upona Jah throne
An spat blood stain all ova Rome.
Rome fight fe fame
But all im aims are all in vain
All de same im chat no one to blame
Him cheat I like an animal
I man is not a cannibal
I man is a spiritual God moral
I man naw go fuss nar fight
I man cool ina Jah sight
Yes Jah, dat de way I man are
Cool as a black star.