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Title: Groundation Day (April 21st 1966)
Post by: natural blacks on April 17, 2006, 06:59:35 PM
Friday, April 21st, 2006 marks the 40th year since HIM Haile Sellassie's visit to Jamaica. The Mansions of Rastafari will be gathering at and leading a motorcade through Half Way Tree, Kingston, Jamaica to commemorate this. From Half Way Tree the motorcade will be leaving for Pit Four Nyahbinghi Grounds in Montego Bay, St James (Haile Selassie arrived in Kingston and departed from MoBay) for ises.

There is some confusion surrounding the plan, as it was originally supposed to be 1 night in Kingston and 2 nights of ises. But now I believe there might be 2 nights in Kingston and the final night, Sunday, in MoBay. I'll post the final arrangement as soon as I find out.

Come gather with rastafari and chant the nyahbinghi for ini liberation. Love and blessings...haile sellassie i lives!

Title: Re: Groundation Day (April 21st 1966)
Post by: gman on April 25, 2006, 06:18:37 AM
Blessed, how did it go Natural Blacks? Nuff Ispect Iyah

Title: Re: Groundation Day (April 21st 1966)
Post by: natural blacks on April 25, 2006, 01:04:47 PM
Well, ini give thanks for the gathering. The motorcade didn't go as planned, Sizzla was supposed to be a significant part of that (too much commercialization of rastafari!), but he was a no-show.

Aside from that the vibes was i-la. Rastafari from several Houses gathered together, 2 nights of ises at Hero's Circle; a few chains down from MICO Teacher's College - one of the 3 schools HIM Haile Selassie I visited. A small group of rastafari went over to MICO, for a little program they were having there on Saturday, surrounding this same Groundation celebration; this was led by Ras Miguel Lorne...prominent rastafari lawyer in Kingston.

After ises on Satruday...into Sunday morning, there was sum reasoning, representatino from the different Houses giving their sounds towards the whole initiative. All in all it was a good vibes still. Still need for more i-nity within rastafari, but we give thanks for the start. Bobo Shanti, Nyahbinghi and Twelve Tribe gathered together chanting together...all praises to Haile Selassie I. Sunday InI left for Pit Four Nyahbinghi grounds, in MoBay...I didn't go there and I've yet to hear how it went; but from the vibrations going into Sunday, it should've been a good gathering of InI.


Public airing of rastafari bizniz...there was media coverage but sum ones decided to take this as an opportunity to lash out against certain things which have been happening in the Nyahbinghi House specifically. I don't agree with this as I dont think a public forum such as this was the right place of time to handle such affairs, especially in the way it was handled.

Burning of GOD, JAH & the Bible was and issue as we know incient and youthful rastafari are at odds with that. But there were no incidents, no disregard between Houses, as (from what I've heard) has always been the case at gatherings such as these. Rastafari seems to be growing beyond the semantics...rastafari conquer!

Give thanks and praise...Haile Sellassie I LIVES!