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Title: Mark of the Red White and Blue
Post by: Princess Tracey on May 03, 2003, 08:57:44 PM
Der you go again
waving your red white an blue
emblazened all over you
on your clothes
on your house
over your car
look like you just come from the carnival
or a parade
3 and 4 flags waving
the clowns charade
bumper stickers
window stickers
texas cowboy lickers
you swallowed
the lie
hook line and sinker
such a stinker
if you only knew
the lies he blew
but then ignorance is bliss
otherwise you would check THIS
what you wear without a care
lest you share
babylon's lair
IS the mark of the beast
branded across your forhead
mark of the dead
before you even realize
red white and blue lies
waving across the nation's sky
while you salute and get misty eyed