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Title: revelations
Post by: afrikanrebel06 on May 13, 2006, 02:50:48 PM
time will tell
when afrika
will rise again,
her son and daughters have undergone
so much pain,
it is time to open the book of life,
when will afrikans have control of their
own natural resources
stead of foreign mercenaries,
when will afrikans get rid of those
religious,foreign missionaries,
when will afrikan stop being the dumping ground
of muclear waste for europe and amerika?

the soil will tremble
with the bones of our ancestors
who spilled their blood for freedom
because freedom sometimes is state of mind,
now you have and now you dont,
if you oblige by their regulations,
rules,scare tactcs and intimidations,

when will afrikans in the americas
will be able to get rid of the uncle toms
well educated eurocentric negros
who purchases diamonds for their women,
contributing to the slaughters in the diamond mines
when will afrikans stop supporting nestle chocolate slavery factory
in afrikan countries,
only time will reveal,
and the book of life
and open the seal.

time will reveal the indo european,rheziku aryan
agenda in afrika,
time is factor
when we will finally make and re write our own history
thru our own accords and law,
eventhough,pessimists will
always look for flaws.