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Title: light of the universe
Post by: afrikanrebel06 on May 25, 2006, 12:23:12 PM
where did it all start
and where did it all begin?
we are the hue manis,
antu and
light of the universe,
my mind travels like the speed
of light,
it cuts acrosses boundaries,oceans
and territories,

we are the hue manis,
the ebonites,
the essence and the substance,
because melanim is science,
and nota mistery,

i am light of the universe,
 guided by my ancestors,
sign of cosmic intelligence,
who sends radio frequencies
the brains of this modern day rome,
there is war going on,
and spiritual
and earth is the battle ground,
the four elements will cleanse the earth,
and those who practise evil deeds will stand alone.
and those non melanated people,
those who lacks of melanim,
the allien race,
the maati,
rheziku aryans,
fire will consume their bones.

 light of the universe,
earth,air,water and fire.

many people engages in spiritual warfare,
light of the universe,
my soul  and my spirit travels to land unknown
and there i see the universe from above,
i am spiritual warrior,
i dwell in the metaphysical and physical world
as the original bantus came from central
and east afrika,
i am the light of the universe,
like a comet,
approaching the earth,
fire will consume all inequities
and bring us back to our centers.
because light travels the universe
in high speed,
it is time for change
and we are the ones who will plant the
when it lands in fertile ground,
it will germinate,
because liike every lving
thing in this universe,
needs light to grow,
we as the hue manis
synthetize the sun energy
thru melanin,
to be black is nota sin,
the allien race will be dessimated,
and this isa known fact,
because,they lack of melanim
and they need us to keep themselves alive,
it is with our blood,melanim that they thrive.