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Title: mwinda na nza!
Post by: afrikanrebel06 on June 05, 2006, 01:05:32 PM
there will be a time,
when human kind
will tracked electronically,
thru computer chips
implanted in their spines,
when they will accuse of doing
when we havent committed any crime,

in every corner and street light,
a sensor
a camera,
anotha spy,
fighter jets crossing the great blu sky,
when the last freedom rights will be taken away,
crazy NASA scientists
ripping blavk babies
to study their melanim
and their dna,

mwinda na nza
trapped,we will try to survive,
when water will be scarce
they will be pouring droplets in our toungues
to keep us sactisfied
although tortured
and make us to to do forced labour under marshall law,
this will be the straw that will be break the camels back,
we wont be able to stop dem on their tracks,

mwinda na zna!
fire will consume the earth,
it will cleanse the earth
from racism,inequities,
sloth,lust and prejudice

we have to perform rightousness,
perform truth and live by the truth,
and make the ultimate sacrifice
or be ready to pay the price.

mwinda na zna!
mwinda na zna!
give praise to all the four elements!