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Title: its not about black white it about jah god
Post by: derek_m_06 on June 08, 2006, 04:40:38 AM
ok i donty get a lot of peps  on here talking about rasta  is race  is ja black whit  red green   you have no clue what you are about and that wat rasta is about find your self and peach with one onther with jah  i know it not right for me to say this because it make me like the green thum in the buch but i dont get it know morte the whit are yelling  its the black man why the blacks are yelling it the white man i think some of you need to smoke some lambs breed  and meatet on what we are really here for  im sorry to be this way but i dont get it do eny of you know ja at all  well thats all i have to so   and one other thing to get you to metate on is what race am i  but ill tell you all it dosnt mater right if we dont find ja then what are we doing here it not about are race it about peac love careing and shereing and ex  see what i mean  you all got me in this now  and what i want is peac the zion  well im going to co to bed and try to understand ever one  well never mind im am being no beater then the ones that are ocuseing  but my voic well be hured not my race coloer or what ever it is  wer all know were rasta came from but dou you all know who  the lord is