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Post by: Head_Fiyah on July 26, 2006, 10:05:52 PM
Special effects
Makes you forget
Their violent behavior
As they try to destroy
Zion as Babylon
In the Matrix
Vital statistics
Are demonic
No Blood beat
No pulsing sound
Of Heart beats
Strictly robotics
To explain their tricks
In the Matrix
Is a quick fix
A quick dose
Of wickedness
Be prepared
The chip is here
Implanted on your minds
Following the right hand
Of time

Special effects
Makes you forget
Their destructive behavior
Into their time warp
You are drawn
Of their psychological, technological lies
You are in awe
Through a new middle passage you ride
On a new genesis you slide
Into Atari, Nintendo, Play that Station
Brainwash the Rainbow Covenant
Into Xbox and Game Cube
And donít forget the tube
Tel-lie-vision and the evening news
Your face makes the reviews
And no special effects is used
They show you true, Blackman
Mean-looking and confused
Public enemy whitewashed
Number One
Black Man
Endangered species
In the Matrix
With cool and deadly precision
Brainwashing the Rainbow Covenant

Ashanti Tafari
Copyrighted 2006