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Title: When Haile Cometh
Post by: Head_Fiyah on July 27, 2006, 05:21:37 PM
I have waited all my life
to ask questions
that no one seems
to want to answer
but instintively
I know they lie
inside of me
as I have stood on the Ancient Position
and viewed their
mass confusion
I have seen thru
the contemporary lies
of these guys
in their hi-rise
offices, determining
who lives and who dies

But I eat no fruit
without seeds
it's like a genome project
it scares me half to death
so I want to live
to LOVE, to have
eternal life
naturally I must strive
astrally I am alive
suspended in space and time
for four million years
I have waited to arrive
I was in my mother's womb
but Jah created I'n'I
and gave us the whole iniverse
sun, moon and stars
plants, insects and animals
air, heat and water
roaring ilements of fiyah
ivine components of
the Iyah, Iyah

Be not deceived by
empiyah builders
be not impressed by
tall buildings
fat bank accounts, ceo's
big mansions, suv transmissions
destroying mother nature
they are a perpetual danger
they are seekers
of the revolutionary fighter
whom have stood for
the rights of I'n'I foriver
I hope someday, someone
will need to tell the truth
of the KINGS of KINGS
Conquering Lion of Judah
as the way of the world is clear
one July twenty-third
Haile Selassie the First cometh
An alignment of stars and planet
announced it
in North Amerikkka the fire
dance commemorate it
pow-wows in honour of it
one July twenty-third
when Haile Selassie First cometh

Ashanti Tafari
Copyrighted 2006