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Title: movement of light
Post by: Eja on July 29, 2006, 02:51:35 PM
the father
as you plant your seeds
What words do you say?

"I came to life
From Life
My existence
Shall not be in vain
So I give life
That I may not have
been in vain"

We are Light
Our lives are made
from Light
We are  a spark
carbon and air
nourished by air
moved by air
extinguished by air
and carried by air
onto the next circle
in the spiral of existence

"Each particle of my light
is unique
Every bright drop
was created
for a specific purpose"

Hear this practical truth
The one who made
you and I
is constantly talking to
you and I
For as long as we exist
under the light of the Sun
and the Stars
we exist
under the voice
of the Creator

Every drop from the Sun
is a message
speck from a distant Star
is a message
We are made
from these drops and specks
We are unmade
by them

Made and unmade
a continuous cycle
so rapid
that it escapes
our promiscuous consciousness

And within each of us
the reason for existence
lies unattended

We who were made
from Life so life
could be enhanced
We who were given the power
to create a multitude
of infinite Iniverses
Become compliant
As we follow the beaten track
the defeated endeavour
The planting that has gone
from being unripe
to being decayed

Like eagles
scruffling in the fetid pools
wings wet and heavy
from waste materials
Eagles who never knew
The winds that stretch
endless at the top of the Earth

Here we are
Engulfed in demonic darknesses
The contrivance of one
who realised his own limitation
And took upon himself
The role of Heaven's border guard

Realising that they will never
achieve the heights
The demons named themselves
guardians of the Way
To the traveller they say
"We have tested you
and found you unworthy.
So here you shall stay
With us."

Within the stagnant water
we study the play
of light on poisons
The brightness and variety
of these images
dazzle our senses

Lift up your eyes

The one who can not see
Is one who can not enter

The movement of light
has no preference
It will go into the dark
And it will go into the Light