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Title: Nostalgic Mountain Vibes
Post by: Head_Fiyah on August 02, 2006, 10:31:24 AM
Last night I sat outside
It reminded I
Of a Jamaican night
The sound of the breeze
Rustling in the trees
Burning Spear in my ear
The dub is perfect Love
I can see the the breeze
Rustling through the leaves
Of Birches, Oaks, Maples
Where the Scarlet Tanager plays
The wind rises
As the trees dances
To a flying crescendo

I imagine palm fronds
North East tradewinds
The ocean
The mountains
Are on point, once again
The smells intoxicating
My senses into morning
Jah is the highest
Indeed to manifest
Such sweetness
Even at ten to midnight
A Jamaican night
Such a sweet feeling
Rising to a Jamaican morning
In the North Carolina mountains.

Ashanti Tafari
Copyrighted July 19th, 2006
Linville, NC