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Title: I Don't Want That Role
Post by: Tyehimba on August 09, 2006, 01:45:33 PM

by Chike Pilgrim of the Rapso group, Word, Sound and Power
Oh no,
I doh accept dat role i want another,
i mean anodder,
look i done brainwash wit English grammar,
and vocab,
I need rehab,
400 years of drama,
not easy,
we laughin at our brothers in dashikis,
we crazy
and we wonder why mentally dey enslave we,
and shave we,
locks off while we lock off african history,
we bracin our identity,
we chasin de mentality,
of white over brown over black,
face reality,
is back,
to de roots,
when bukka roots up in yuh area,
i just cant stand a place in which de laws designed to jail yuh,
and lock yuh down...