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Title: Black Culture??
Post by: siger on August 29, 2006, 04:12:28 AM
I've just been reading the 'TO ALL WHO OPPOSE WHITE RASTA' ARTICLE.
Many opinions have been voiced, so i wont go there.

But something struck me as odd. One brother went on to give a thesis on how a white woman can never have a black son, even if she is attracted to blackness. < or something along those lines>.
He thus concluded that however much a white man can try to emulate 'black cculture', he can never be rasta.

Help me out here <black rasta, white rasta, all rasta>.
What is Black culture? lets get things cleared up. We have no culture unless we can define ourselves. Fine, we are black, but what is black. Is it a matter of having a dark complexion, a big flattened nose, beautiful brown thighs.???
Culture is deeper than this. Can some one on this forum actually describe this culture we all so vigorously champion. I live this to the board.

Title: the black racist
Post by: siger on April 11, 2007, 02:17:10 AM
WHat is black culture??
Almost a year ago, i was naive enuff to ask this of the board. Now, i wish i did not bother.
WHen i write this, it is not to insult;
but in the four months i have been in this god-forsaken country, i have lost most of my respect for the children of this "black culture."

What makes one an African? His heritage and his pride.
As with all identity, a name such as African is earned.
TO stand among wolves and say, so effortlessly, that u are alien to their ways; that is pride.
To hold ground when these wolves snarl and bare teeth; that is heritage.

Both have been removed from the children of the plantations. Without pride, they would rather call unto themselves 'black American' or 'African American', as if it will make them more worthwhile; as if it will placate the prejudice of the masters they have failed to leave behind.
Without heritage, they have taken to snarling and howling like the wolves. See, mother, how a king fights a beast for a bone.

Of course, the usual excuse will be trauma; another expose into the horrors the transplanted slaves had to endure. The long distance from home; one forgets.... it is only natural. I have actually met a man who reasoned that the rot was Africa's fault, we did not sent the 'avenging ships' of old slave-lore, none came to carry 'us' home.

But do not imagine that those who were left behind had it easy.
Do not think for one moment that the plantation fields of the tennessee were harsher than the airless copper mines of Kilembe.
Do not think that the African feasted on tenderloin and grilled mushrooms, while the evening broth was served in the mississippi.
Do not think that the split of the whip was any louder than the musket-shot, as the colonialist hunted the Arkhan for sport.

Yet, even though our 'brothers' in the west had abandoned their languages and customs and everything else African; hope prevailed. One said, a black man is a black man. SO, when i had of a 'black culture', i was interested.

What i found, though, is an insult to my nobility. Because when you insult my blackness, you insult my nobility.
Here, mother, is your son, lusting for the daughter of the slave master. One so ashamed of his skin, that he will dilute the blood of kings with that of the oppressor.
And yet he is my brother, your son.

THe one i will never call my brother, is the one who lusts for the light-skinned "black american."
The one who has forgotten the dark womb of his mother, this racist of racists, is more dangerous than a thousand vipers.
A man who lusts after a white woman, for the simple fact that she is white, is like a creaking bridge; at least you are cautioned.
But the sons of this black culture, who lust after light skinned "Alicia's" and "Beyonce's", simply for the fact that they are higher-toned; that is the stone that collapses temples.
They stand, they shout "Uhuru" with the rest of us, but they are mentally bound.

If i do not make sense to you, tell me if you think Beyonce would make as much money if she was 2 tones darker, with a more "negroid" nose, and The One True Hair. One among you will say she is loved because she can sing, and she has a heart of gold. But so is Lauryn Hill's heart; and her music had more sense in it. We probably both dont know either in person, so it comes down to which image represents more this perveted "black culture".
Beyonce, and the rest of the light-skinned stars, were the unfortunate winners.

That should say something about the trend of thought here. I am surrounded by lads my age, all professing Black Power and Afro-centric bearing. But when we get naughty, start talking girls; they surprise me all. It is a PRE-REQUISITE for a girl to be light-skinned.
When i ask why, the usual answer is the lad himself is dark-toned. The light-skinned lads dont seem to mind about contrast; they also prefer the higher-browns.
Now, i was born to a light-skinned African woman; i have a light-skinned sister. But if a fool had walked up to her simply for her tone, that would be an insult to her 'blackness'. And to insult her 'blackness' is to insult her royalty.

So as these racists watch bouncy Beyonce all day, a dark skinned woman labours in the kitchen to cook them a meal.
Because of these fools, Africa's children bleach their skin, soften their hair, all in the name of vanity.
Why do you endavour to dilute your tone? Are you that mentally corrupted?
And in the same breath, we all shout "Black Power!"

I am not amused.
Men, all around me, are drenched in their on waste.

Let me remind you all,
why Jah, in his wisdom,
blessed the BLACK woman with succulent soft breast, quivering thighs, and a world-class piece of behind.....
because the true BLACK man (unlike the wolves) is not colour-conscious.